A fully managed service as your BI partner using proven tools and processes.
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A data lake - A central repository of information


Reports and dashboards to meet your everyday needs in every function


Alerts for all critical KPIs with attached WHAT & WHY analytics


Self-Service BI capability for your analysts and users

Data Management

Ensure the highest quality data for reporting and analytics. Experience handling hundreds of inbound data streams

Dhiva platform Data Management process image
Dhiva platform Data Management process image

What we will do:

Our data engineering, data science, and business analyst experts will be your BI team.
  • Data Collection (InfoSubmit): Development of ETLs and procedures to manage all inbound data streams – including feed validation and support functions
  • Data Harmoniztion (InfoFactory): Master data management and alignment across data streams, including automated and manual processes – and final verification and validation
  • Data Enrichment: Integration of external data including weather, geo-spatial, demographics, socio-economic, and other sources. In-database analytics for embedded KPIs as required

What you will get:

Data Warehousing & KPI Engineering

17+ years experience designing, developing, and operating large scale corporate data warehouses

Dhiva machine learning solution | Machine Learning & Statistical Modeling
  • Data Warehouse Design & Development: Proven data models to handle all types of sales and marketing data – internal and external sources
  • Aggregate Design & Development: Creating additive and non-additive totals (in large databases) reducing time to access
  • KPI Engineering: Creating complex metrics in the database to reduce Excel burden

Machine Learning & Statistical Modeling

Significant financial, sales & marketing, and supply chain functional expertise

Data Warehousing & KPI Engineering | Process
  • Ala-Carte Models:
  • Price & Promotion Lift Analysis & Optimization
  • Sales & Marketing Program ROI Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation and Assortment Analysis
  • Sales Force Coverage Optimization
  • Consumer Sentiment & Text Analysis
  • Forecasting & Market Simulation Models
  • Embedded Models: Low inventory alert indicators, market projection models, baseline heuristics, etc.

No-Code Analytical Business Intelligence Solution

Best-in-class AI/ML driven business intelligence reporting & analytics solution

Dhiva solution_anlytics | No-Code Analytical Business Intelligence Solution
  • Explore: Self-service reporting and exploratory analytics with no SQL coding
  • Summarize: Text summaries for reports & dashboards using AI/ML models
  • Analyze: Automated “Why” analytics provides drivers of KPI changes
  • Govern: Enterprise level governance – (corporate artifact configuration) – and role based security

Business Areas we cover

Data process relevant to different business areas
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